Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A man arrested for murder bribed an Irishman on the jury with a hundred dollars to hang out for a verdict of manslaughter.  The jury were out a long time and finally came in with a verdict of manslaughter.  The man rushed up to the Irish juror and said, "I'm obliged to you, my friend.  Did you have a hard time?"  "Yes," said the Irish "A h-ll of time.  The other eleven want to acquit yer."

from A Bunch of Yarns and Rare Bits of Humor, compiled and arranged by F. J. Cahill, comedian (New York & New Orleans: Carey-Stafford Company, 1906).  [1906 was evidently a good year for all sorts of ungracious ethic jokes, to judge by this book. There is a reason this post begins with the word "BAD,"  you know.]

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