Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 24, 2014


In the early Forties Ace Comics bundled stories of their most popular costumed heroes into a title called Four Favorites.  The lineup for the first issues included Magno and Davey, Lash Lightning, Raven, and Vulcan, with Blitz Buster in a bonus story.  The cover of the first issue showed the four favorites taking turns to beat the crap out of Hitler.  (Let's not forget to buy war bonds, guys.)

Issue #8 (December 1942) showcased Magno and Davey, Lash Lighting and Lightning Girl, the Unknown Soldier, and Captain Courageous.  Captain Gallant and His Mini-Sub also pop in for an adventure.

Contributors to this issue included Harvey Kurtzman and Lou Ferstadt (or, at least, people from the Ferstadt Studio).

Enjoy "The Corpses That Wouldn't Stay Dead," "Master of the Roto-Dynamo," and three other tales.

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