Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Don't be fooled by his demeanor.  Mr. Risk may have a nice home and may relax in a smoking jacket with a white scarf around his neck, but this is one private eye who can use his fists.  He's also a private eye who doesn't need money:  all his fees are donated to various charities.  In the first story in issue #2 (December 1950) of this comic book, Risk befriends a beautiful blonde who had been committed to an asylum by her stepfather, the mysterious "Mr. X" who controls all organized crime in the state.  Risk ends up with a hard-earned five grand to donate to a cerebral palsy fund.  This tale is titled "The Case of the Psycopathic Lady" -- spelling not being a necessary talent for working on this comic book.

Then, in "The Case of the Jinxed Airline," Risk puts off a fishing vacation to investigate sabotage at a small passenger airline.  Risk uncovers a dirty insurance scam and, while meeting gun-toting thugs with his fists, manages to earn a cool thousand bucks to donate to the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund.

A different type of private eye is featured in the third story:  "Kirk Mason, the Tough Dick" looks into the case of  "The Forgetful Chorus Girl."  Mason lives up to his tough dick reputation, facing fire, explosions, and bullets, and ('natch) ends up with the swell-looking babe.

The other crime fighter in this issue is "Poke" Bancroft, special investigator for the District Attorney.  In "Seeds of Destruction," Poke takes on gangster Johnny Turo, whose putting the squeeze on the city's vegetable produce markets.  More danger, more fists, more guns...all leading to Poke's last line in the story:  "The 'Vegetable King's' salad days are over!"

There's also a two-page typed short story, something that all comic books needed to meet postal regulations.  An a nifty ad for the 9-in-1 timepiece of adventure, THE MOST AMAZING SUN WATCH IN THE WORLD!, which not only tells time but changes color to predict the weather.  And...a one-page ad for a suggestively kinky electric spot reducer for (yeah, right) keeping slim at home...just plug in, grasp handle, and apply!  (The boys and girls reading this comic book may not have known what was going on here, but I'm sure dear old Dad did.)

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