Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hard to believe, but the Kangaroo is 1 year old today.  He's been with us (that is, with Christina and her family) since he was six weeks old and should remain until October at the very least.

So much depends on state courts and the social service system and decisions seem to be made on incomplete, conflicting, and inaccurate information -- that's when decisions are not being made on sheer wish-power.  The Kangaroo's birth mother is now pregnant with her fourth child (from four different fathers) and has some legal issues to face.  There doesn't seem to be any responsible adults in any of the families involved.  The birth mother is 23 (I believe) with no marketable (legal) skills.  The chances are pretty good that she will up with custody of the Kangaroo, as well as her other children, sometime in the future.

In the meantime, the Kangaroo is still experiencing problems arising from being born drug-addicted.  His developmental path is delayed and, although he is active and engaged, he is not gaining weight the way he should.  Christina and we are working on these issues, helping him with patterning, and providing stimuli.  He has a chance of becoming a normal kid.

A chance.

No telling what the future will hold for the Kangaroo, but for the moment he is loved and safe.  I hope that he will be loved and safe for many birthdays to come, wherever he might be.

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  1. Oops! This posted late Monday night instead of Tuesday morning, giving the Kangaroo a two-day birthday. Oh well, I'm sure he won't mind.