Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Here's the latest update on Kitty:

We went to the wound center last week for our anniversary.  The wound-vac had been off for a week and her healing was moving on at a rapid rate.  But.  (There's always a but.)  But Kitty happened to mention that the right side of her incision had been hurting for the past week.  The doctor poked and prodded and Kitty yelped and, sure enough, it was pretty sore.  The doctor then told us that she felt something squishy there, perhaps -- probably -- just an edema.  Just to be on the safe side, she called the surgeon and he asked to see her right away because just one doctor's visit on our anniversary was not enough.  Anyway, the surgeon could see nothing wrong but (again, just to be on the safe side) he ordered some tests and x-rays.  The x-ray guy did not realize what a complicated device now rested in Kitty's leg; to his amazement it took eight x-rays to document the whole appliance.  Then it was off to the Lesly and Pat Sajak (yes, that Pat Sajak) Medical Pavilion to have Kitty's blood drawn.  There were two phlebotomists on duty, one was busy trying to figure out where and how to put a needle into a very confused woman.  (We weren't sure whether this guy was an actual phlebotomist or was a fraternity pledge having to pretend he was one for hazing week.)  After about five minutes, the second phlebotomist came in, told the other guy what to do, and then -- zip, zip -- drew Kitty's blood.  When we left, the other bozo was still trying to draw blood from the c.w.  (We lucked out getting the guy we did.  Or did we?  Now, over a week later, Kitty still has a large bruise where he drew her blood.)

Anyway, that was our anniversary.  We did stop off at a Wa-Wa gas station on the way home and grabbed a couple of sandwiches for our anniversary dinner.  By the time we got home, we were ready for a nap, crazy romantics that we are.

Not much happened the following week.  The tests showed no problem.  The swelling and pain went away.  The rash and blisters from her adhesive tape allergy remained, but to a lesser degree because she stopped using the tape.  The wound-vac people still had not picked up the machine (it had been a week since they had been called) but they promised to pick it up on Wednesday.  Of course they didn't.  They claimed they had called and there was no answer, but I checked and they had not called.  Then they said they would pick it up on Friday and -- wonder of wonders -- they did!

So yesterday we back to the wound center and Papa Divot was completely closed and Mama Divot had shrunk so that there was only a scab left.  AND THEY WOUND CENTER DISCHARGED HER!


Yes.  No more wound center!  We were happy.  The wound center personnel were happy.  The valet parking attendents were not happy because we always tipped them big-time.

Kitty celebrated by going shopping without her walker.  She's now moving (slowly and carefully, to be sure) on her own  or with just a cane a lot.

She's not out of the woods yet.  It's time to start physical therapy again to improve her range of motion (which is already very good) and to strengthen her leg muscles.  I expect it will take a few more months for Kitty to be fully comfortable and confident walking.  Perhaps sooner -- she is an awesome lady.

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