Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, October 15, 2012


  • Piers Anthony, Bearing an Hourglass.  Fantasy, Book Two of Incarnations of Immortality.
  • Lois McMaster Bujold, The Sharing Knife.  Fantasy omnibus of the two books in the series:  Beguilement and Legacy.
  • Alan Dean Foster, The Chronicles of Riddick. Movie tie-in novel.
  • Arthur Goldwag, -Isms and -Ologies:  All the Movements, Ideologies, and Doctrines That Have shaped Our World.  Non-fiction.
  • Faith Hunter, Skinwalker.  Fantasy.  A Jane Yellowrock novel.
  • "Robert Jordan" (James O. Rigny, Jr.), Conan the Triumphant.  Sword and sorcery with Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian hero.
  • Donna Leon, Death and Judgment and Drawing Conclusions.  Both Commissario Brunetti mysteries.
  • Paul & Bil Lepp, The Monster Stick & Other Appalachian Tall Tales.  Twenty-three stories told by one or the other of these brothers at the West Virginia State Liars Contestin the 1980s and 1990s.  Paul won the "Biggest Liar" title six times and Bil won the title four times.  At least, that's what they said.
  • Jonathan Letham, Gun, with Occasional Music.  The classic private eye/kangaroo SFnovel.
  • David Liss, A Spectacle of Corruption. Historical mystery.  A sequel to the author's Edgar-winning A Conspiracy of Paper.
  • Jonathan Lowe, Geezer.  I thought this would be a biography of Bill Crider, but,'s a thriller with SF elements.
  • "Jack McKinney" ( Brian Daley and James Lucerno), Robotech:  The Sentinels #4:  World Killers.  Television  tie-in novel, 16th in the overall series.
  • Jonathan Maberry, Dead Man's Song.  Horror.
  • L. E. Mosdesit, Jr., ten of the first eleven books in the Saga of Recluce:  #1:  The Magic of Recluce, #2:  The Towers of the Sunset, #3:  Magic Engineer, #4:  The Order War, #5:  The Death of Chaos, #7:  The Chaos Balance, #8:  The White Order, #9:  Colors of Chaos, #10:  Magi'i of Cyador, #11:  Scion of Cyador; and the last four books (#2-5) in the Spellsong Cycle:  The Spellsong War, Darksong Rising, The Shadow Soceress, and Shadowsinger.  Fantasies all.
  • "John Norman" (John F. Lange, Jr.), The Telnarian Histories:  The Captain.  The author took a break from his Gor novels after number twenty-five.  This one is the second in a trilogy.  Since the book is "dedicated to all who disapprove of censorship," I suspect this one has all the sex, sadism, and misogeny as the Gor books.
  • Rudy Rucker, Infinity and the Mind:  Science and the Philosophy of the Infinite.  Non-fiction from a guy who likes to mess with your head.
  • Nancy Springer, Wings of Flame.  Fantasy.
  • Jack Vance, the three volumes in the Cadwal Chronicles:  Araminta Station, Ecce and Old World, and Throy.  SF.
  • David Weber, The Short VictoriousWar.  Military SF.


  1. Some good titles here, Jerry. I have a couple of Jack Vance ebooks — The Dying Earth and The Eyes of the Overworld — that I haven't read yet. As for the rest, I live on another planet, a distant one.

  2. Vance's fantasies are certainly worthwhile, Prashant. You may also want to dip into his science fiction and his mysteries. He's very good atwhatever he does.

  3. Detroit as a distant planet. Hmm, could that be a flash fiction challenge?