Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, October 1, 2012


A fairly large, mostly SF haul this week because the gods were smiling upon me.  Thirty-nine of these books and all fifty of the magazines listed cost me a total of $5.50, including tax.  I have mentioned before that I don't pay much for the books I get, but this deal left me gobsmacked.
  • Pater Ackroyd, First Light.  Literary novel with touches of horror and mystery.
  • "Alan Burt Akers" (Kenneth Bulmer), The Suns of Scorpio.  The second in the long-running Dray Prescott SF series.  This is the British paperback (Orbit, 1974), with five illos by Tim  Kirk.
  •  Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  3 issues:  June 1987, Jan.-Feb. 2011, and Mar. 2011.  Cathleen Jordan edited the first; Linda Landrigan, the other two.
  • Dick Allen and Lori Allen, editors, Looking Ahead:  The Vision of Science Fiction.  SF textbook with 29 articles, stories, extracts, poems.
  • Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact.  Feb. 1978 issue; Ben Bova was the editor then.
  • Ariel:  The Book of Fantasy.  Volume 3 (1978) of this short-lived, high-end, fantasy bookazine copublished by Ballantine Books.  Heavy emphasis on art and graphics.  Edited by Thomas Durwood.
  • B(rian) N. Ball, Sundog.  SF novel, Ball's first.
  • Allen Barra, Inventing Wyatt Earp:  His Life and Many Legends.  Biography of the man and his legend.
  • John Buchan, The Gap in the Curtain. Six fantasy stories; Volume 17 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult.
  • Terry Carr, editor, The Best Science Fiction of the Year #7  And Universe 6.  Nine stories from 1977 in the Best volume and seven stories in the Universe volume, both long-running series.
  • Bob Curran, The Truth About the Leprechaun.  Folklore.
  • Datlow, Ellen, editor, The First Omni Book of Science Fiction.  SF anthology of fourteen stories from the science fact and fiction magazine.
  • Avram Davidson, The Island Under the Earth.  Fantasy novel, the proposed first book in an aborted trilogy.  Another memorable book from Terry Carr's legendary Ace Science Fiction Special line.
  • Judy-Lynn del Rey, editor, Stellar #2.  SF anthology with eight stories, including the first publication of Asimov's "The Bicentennial Man."
  • Lester del Rey, Outpost of Jupiter.  YA SF, a reprint from the old Winston "Adventures in Science Fiction" line.
  • Lester del Rey, editor, Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year:  Fourth Annual Collection.  Fifteen SF stories from 1974.
  • Lord Dunsany, The Charwoman's Shadow.  Fantasy novel.
  • Max H.Flindt and Otto O. Binder, Mankind -- Child of the Stars.  Let's be charitable and call this attempt to cash in the von Daniken/Chariots of the Stars nonsense an exercise in "speculative non-fiction."  Flindt was the sun of SF pioneer Homer Eon Flint (author of The Blind Spot, and noted for his mysterious death); Binder was a noted early SF writer and one-half of "Eando Binder."
  • Eric Flint, editor, The Best of James Baen's Universe I.  Sixteen SF stories, nine fantasy stories, and four rememberances of Jim Baen.
  • M. A. Foster, The Morphodite.  SF. 
  • Daniel F. Galouye, The Infinit Man.  SF.
  • James Gunn, editor, Nebula Award Stories 10.  Seven stories from 1974, along  with two articles.
  • Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.  Four issues:  Oct. 1987, June 2009, May 2010, and January 2011.  Eleanor Sullivan edited the first; Janet Hutchins, the remaining three.
  • Galaxy Science Fiction.  The Jan. 1974 issue and the May 1978 issue.  Jim Baen is listed as managing editor, with Ejler Jakobsson as editor, for the 1974 issue; the 1978 issue was edited by John J. Pierce.
  • Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah.  SF.
  • Philip E. High, These Savage Futurians, with "John Rackham" (John T. Phillifent), The Double Invaders.  SF.  An Ace Double.
  • Bernhardt J. Hurwood, The Mind Master.  Fantasy, part of the Invisibles series.
  • Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, 31 of the first 36 issues, from the Jan.-Feb. 1978 issue to the Feb. 16, 1981, issue inclusive (missing just the Sept. 1979 issue); also the Apr. 1982 and the five issues from Aug.-Dec. 1982.  George H. Scithers was the founding editor; Kathleen Maloney served as an interim editor when Scithers left in 1982.  Some pretty great stuff in these early issues.
  • Diana Wynne Jones, The Chrestomanci Quartet.  Omnibus of four YA fantasy novels:  Charmed Life, Witch Week, The Magicians of Caprona, and The Lives of Christopher Chant.
  • Loyal Jones and Billy Edd Wheeler, Laughter in Appalachia:  A Festival of Southern Mountain Humor.  Folklore/humor.
  • Ursula LeGuin, Changing Planes.  Collection with sixteen stories.
  • Donald MacKenzie, Cool Sleeps Balaban.  Crime novel involving a jewel heist; not surprising, since the author was a convicted thief before he turned to writing,
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Jan. 1968 issue; Edward L. Ferman, editor.
  • Judith Merril, editor, Galaxy  of Ghouls.  Fantasy anthology with sixteen stories.  The Lion Library first edition and it looked so pretty I had to take it home.  Later published as Off the Beaten Orbit.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, "creator," Free Lancers.  SF collection of three short novels by Card, Drake, and Bujold.
  • "K. M. O'Donnell" (Barry Malzberg), Final War and Other Fantasies, with "John Rackham" (John T. Phillifent), Treasure of Tau Ceti.  An Ace SF Double.  The O'Donnell has eleven stories.
  • Emil Petaja, Seed of the Dreamers, with Brian M. Stableford, The Blind Worm.  An Ace SF Double.
  • Carol and Federik Pohl, editors, Science Fiction Discoveries.  SF anthology with eight original stories.
  • "Joyce Readon, Ph.D., editor,"  The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer:  My Life at Rose Red.  Television tie-in to the Stephen King mini-series.  This book was ghosted by Ridley Pearson.
  • Helen Reilly, Murder in Shinbone Alley.  An Inspector Christopher McKee mystery.  Reilly produced thirty-eight mystery novels and two mystery writers over her long career.
  • Christopher Rice, The Moonlit Earth.  Thriller.
  • R. A. Salvatore, The Crimson Shadow:  Luthien's Gamble (the second book in this fantasy series), Transitions I:  The Orc King (the first book in this fantasy series), and Seeds of Darkness (a gaming [Forgotten Realms] tie-in stand-alone fantasy novel.  Can't swing a stick without hitting a fantasy series nowadays.
  • Al Sarrantonio, editor, Redshift:  Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction.  Thirty original stories and over 650 pages in this "cutting edge" anthology.
  • Sheila Schwartz, editor, Earth in Transit:  Science Fiction and Contemporary Problems.  Targeted for the YA audience, this anthology has fifteen stories by some of the best wirters in the field.
  • Bob Shaw, Shadow of Heaven.  SF from the much-loved Irish SF writer and fan who left us way too early.
  • Josepha Sherman, King's Son, Magic's Son.  Fantasy from another author too soon taken from us.
  • John Skipp and Craig Spector, editors, Book of the Dead.  Original horror anthology inspired by George Romero's zombie trilogy that began with Dawn of the Dead.  Eighteen stories, with a Foreword by Romero, who happened to sign this copy.
  • Steven G. Spruill, The Psychopath Plague.  SF.
  • Paul V. Thompson & Tonya R. Carter, Prelude II, Volume One:  Riverwind the Plainsman.  Gaming tie-in novel.  Signed by the authors.
  • E. C. Tubb, Kalin.  SF.  Part of the long-running Dumarest series.
  • Don Von Elsner, Countdown for a Spy.  Sleuth David Danningonce again mixes murder with spies.
  • John Vornholt, Babylon 5, Book #1:  Voices. Television tie-in novel.
  • "Weegee" (Arthur Fellig), Naked City.  Photos and commentary from the gritty photojournalist of the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Robin Scott Wilson, editor, Those Who Can:  A Science Fiction Reader.  From the founder of the Clarion Writing Workshop, an anthology of thirteen stories with accompanying essays by the writers on how each story was written.  The authors, all of whom taught at Clarion, are Samuel R. Delany, Harlan Ellison, James Gunn, Daniel Keyes, Damon Knight, Ursula K. Le Guin, Frederik Pohl, Joanna Russ, Robert Silverberg, Kate Wilhelm, Jack Williamson, and Robin Scott Wilson.  One of the all-time best SF anthologies.
  • Worlds of If Science Fiction.  April, 1970 issue; Ejler Jakobsson, editor; Judy-Lynn Benjamin (later del Rey), managing editor.  Fiction by Asimov, Herbert, Goulart, Lafferty, Gene Wolfe, Robert F. Young, and Lee!
  • Lawrence Yep, Star Trek:  Shadow Lord.  Television tie-in novel.


  1. Even having a bunch of these, I'd take the whole lot for that money, too...tag sale? Rummage sale? Library discards?