Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Amazing Adventures of the Temp, Episode 1  (2003)

What happens when a superhero is unvailable, like when he gets zapped by an overdose of kryptonite?

     You call in a temp, of course, and if that temp happens to be The Temp who happens to have the hots for Lois Lane, so much the better.

     This short film was produced by the Lieberman Bros., who have created a number of "Brick Films" -- short, stop motion animated films using Legos, an area of film-making I did not realize was so popular.  Several hundred can be found on Internet Archive.  As for the Lieberman Bros., their website  is no longer active so I can't tell you anything about them.  Nor can I tell you if The Temp had any other adventures aside from a short trailer (38 seconds or so) for this film.  The Temp evidently came from a comic book the brothers had written three years before; no idea if the comic book was ever published.

     Without further ado (or much knowledge), enjoy the first (and possibly only) adventure of The Temp!

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  1. Never assume, Jerry! If not Legos, then perhaps Playskool's early imitations (my brother's first set, which led to a fascination bordering on obsession).