Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, June 11, 2012


Heavy this week on fantasy -- the Jennifer Robison 12-volume pile covering two series looks intimidating all at once.  (I may never get to the fart and pus book unless I am called to give a public reading; that should ensure no reinvite.  Bwahahahahaha!)
  • Joan Aiken, Beware the Bouquet.  Mystery/thriller marketed as a Gothic.  Published in the U.K. as Trouble with Product X.
  • Steve Alten, Meg:  Hell's Aqaurium.  Horror; one of a series about megalodons muching on people.
  • Robert Asprin, M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link.  Fantasy.  Yeah, I know I got this book in an omnibus a few weeks ago, but this is the Starblaze edition.  That counts for something, doesn't it?
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley and Paul Edwin Zimmer, Hunters of the Red Moon.  SD.
  • Gardner Dozois, editor, The Year's Best Science Fiction:  Seventeenth Annual Collection.  Twenty-seven stories from 1999.
  • David G. Hartwell, editor, Year's Best SF 2.  SF anthology with 20 stories from 1996.
  • Raymond J. Martinez, Mysterious Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen and Folk Tales Along the Mississippi.  A 1956 compilation of articles published by Hope Publications in New Orleans (which may or may not be the author's self-publishing house) and illustrated with photographs and incredibly racist drawings.
  • Joy Masoff. Oh Yuck!  The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty.  Maggots, poop, pus, snot, and everything gross.  Perfect for a twelve-year-old boy, right?  Mark said it was too gross, even for him.  Oh, well.
  • Janet Morris, editor, Masters in Hell.  Shared world anthology with nine stories famous people in Hell.
  • T. Jefferson Parker, Little Saigon.  Thriller.
  • Jennifer Robinson, Shape-Changers, The Song of Homana, Legacy of the Sword, Track of the White Wolf, A Pride of Princes, Daughter of the Lion, Flight of the Raven, and ATapestry of Lions.  Eight-book fantasy series Chronicles of the Cheysuli, first intended as a single book, then a trilogy, and fnally an octet.  Also Sword Dancer, Sword-Singer, Sword-Maker, and Sword-Breaker, a four-part fantasy series.

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