Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, June 18, 2012


It is well-known that my daughter Christina, brilliant though she may be, is clueless.  That's why Walt had to work extra hard to woo her, but Walt has worked hard all his life.  He has brought her happiness and joy and many animals, along with two wonderful kids.  While working full-time, he earned his college degree and a number of fancy computer initials behind his name, and he has just aced his first foray into graduate school.

     Walt has a fantastic sense of humor, a low tolerence for fools, and a love for all things outdoors.  He lives on the "caveman diet" -- nothing processed -- and has managed to make very tasty meals.  For his birthday today he asked Mark and Erin to make dinner for him; they made pizza, french fries, and a vanilla cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert -- about as far away from caveman as you can get.  It was the best meal he ever had.

     As you can tell, Walt is a great father as well as a great husband.  We're glad he's having a fantastic day!

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