Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


 To celebrate the 131st birthday of Dorothy L. Sayers, here's the full BBC Radio adaptation of the Lord Pete Wimsey novel Have His Carcase, with Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter and Maria Aitkin as Harriet Vane.  (The 1987 television adaptation featured Edward Petherbridge and Harriet Walter in the roles.)

Hiking in the South West coast of England, Harriet discovers a body lying on a rock by the shore, with his throat cut.  She takes photos and collects the razor that evidently killed him, but by the time she returned with help the body had been washed away.  Lord Peter arrives to help Harriet in the investigation.  In this, the second novel with Harriet as a character, she is still spurning his romantic advances.

The novel -- which Barzun and Taylor praised, "saying the people, the motive, the cipher, and the detection are all topnotch" -- was adapted for the radio by Alistair Beaton.


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