Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, November 27, 2023


 Full disclosure:  This movie does not live up to its tagline "The most intriguing baffler of them all."

John Miljen (The Ten Commandments, Torchy Runs for Mayor, The Fallen Sparrow) stars as Bill Holt, a famous detective on vacation, who gets invited to a swanky party and encounters murder, blackmail, and gangsters.  One of the suspects is Jane Maxwell. played by beauty queen Irene Ware (Chandu the Magician, Night Life of the Gods, The Raven).  Character actor James Burtis (The Case of the Howling Dog, Charlie Chan's Courage, The Return of Jimmy Valentine) is comic foil Jeff, Holt's housekeeper/right hand man/assistant.  Also in the cast are Iris Adrian, Noel Madison, Oscar Apfel, Barry Norton, Harry Holman, and Betty Blythe.

All in all, an interesting mystery and an effective time-passer.

Directed by Frank R. Strayer (The Vampire Bat, Gorilla Ship, The Ghost Walks, and a dozen Blondie movies), from a script by John W. Krafft (Here's Flash Casey, Foreign Agent, The Deerslayer).  Based on a novel by Norman Lippincott.

Murder at Glen Athol has also been released as The Criminal Within.


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