Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, November 7, 2023


 What's that I hear you say?

Jerry, it's been a long while since you've posted a good gorilla movie.

Well, that's because there are very few good gorilla movies.

Granted.  But can't you post a really cheesy one?  We know you like scrapmg the bottom of the barrel.

You're in luck, my friends.  I do happen to have on hand Mark of the Gorilla, a 1950 programmer with Johnny Weismuller as Jungle Jim, and a whole lot of gorilla costumes, if not actual gorillas.

Ooh!  Tell us more.

There's also Nazis --


-- and fights with a leopard, a lion, and a very pissed-off eagle...

[Double "Squee!"]

...and an all-star cast with Trudy Marshall, Suzanne Dalbert, Onslow Stevens, Robert Purcell, Pierce Lyden, Neyle Morrow, Selmer Jackson, William Bailey, George Barrows, Holmes Herbert, Carl M. Leviness, and Forbes Murray.

Wait.  Who?

And there's also Jimmy the Crow playing Caw-Caw the Crow, and Steve Calvert as the Gorilla Man!

Well, that's okay, then.  Boyohboy, we can't wait!

You don't have to.

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