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Small House of Everything

Friday, March 24, 2023

DO-DO #1 (1950)

 The name is spelled in all caps -- DO-DO.  (Other character's names in the comic are not.)   I'm sure the name is pronounced Dodo, but my mind keeps saying doo-doo. as in "don't step in the..."

Anyway, this is a funny animal comic book.  Not only that, it's a funny circus animal comic book.  From the inside front cover:  "Introducing DO-DO and his circus friends!!   America's newest and funniest animal characters in comics.  So laugh with DO-DO and his friend Dolly, the circus queen, Roly and Poly, the mischievous bear twins, DO-DO's rival Hotspot, the leopard who gives DO-DO some competition.  You have Maggie the circus mother and also Slim the thinnest giraffe in the world, and besides Brawno the strongest lion of the circus.  You'll love all these characters so read on through the thrills, chills, and spills of their hilarous adventures!!"  Please note that while the sentence strucure, use of punctuation, and spelling may be atrocious, it most likely did not matter to the nboo's targeted audience of (I assume) four-year-olds.

What else can I say?  DO-DO (please don't step in it) is a dog and a clown and the star of the circus.  Dolly is also a dog, but more of the Dolly Dimples type.  Roly and Poly may be proto-Ewoks, but they have some of the funniest lines -- although "funny" may be a relative term.  Hotspot is always out to do dirt to DO-D0 and he is abetted by Slim.  Maggie is an elephant and Brawno will offer $100 to anyone who can stay in the wrestling ring with him for three minutes.  There are a number of other characters in the circus but they really don't do anything to advance whatever may pass for a plot.

DO-DO was a bargain.  Only 5 cents!  (Although a house ad on the inside back cover shows the price at 10 cents.)  The cheaper price may have been dure to the size of the comic book, just 5 by 7.5 inches.

DO-DO was frawn by Frank Carin (born Frank Carino), whose comic book work included Nellie the Nurse, Mighty Mouse, Georgie, Freddie the Snowman, Little Jack Frost, Merry Mouse, Peter Rabbit, Space Mouse, and Lucky Star, Western Cowboy Fun-Comics.

In 1950 I would have beeen just about the age of the target audience for DO-DO.  Luckily, I never ran across an issue.

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