Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, October 5, 2022


 Did dark forces murder her beloved father?  Fearing they did, Elaine turns to an authority on the paranormal in an effort to protect herself.  

Mutual Broadcasting's Hall of Fantasy has a murky history, mainly due to inconsistent records.  It wa created in 1946 by Salt Lake City KALL staff announcer Richard Thorne, who served as writer, producer, and occasional director; Leroy Ollinger evidently directed most episodes.  A number of episodes credited to the program -- including some based on well-known stories -- may actually have aired on other shows instead. 

In 1949, Thorne move himself and the show to Mutual's WGN station in Chicago, where it stayed for the rest of its run, ending in 1954.

"The Shadow People" may have starred Eloise Kummer, who was supposed to have appeared in many of the episodes, especially those aired around the same time.

Sorry I can do any better with the background of the show but internet sources vary wildly and a number of specifics just aren't there.  For example, there may have been as many as over 200 episodes or as few as 75.  Go figure.

Nonetheless, here's an effective little chiller for your Halloween month.  Enjoy.

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