Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, September 30, 2022


 The "Yellow Peril" has shifted over the years, from China to Japan to Korea and now back to China (with an assist from North Korea.  But back in 1945 it was definitely Japan, as the cover of this issue of Ranger Comics shows.

But because we are red-blooded Americans, we start with a two-page text story on the inside front cover and continued to the inside back cover -- "The Unbeatable Twenty," in which brave soldiers fight fiercely against Germans.  This tale was reprinted from Khaki, the Canadian Army Bulletin.  Alright, so it's our allies from up North instead of the Yanks who are creaming the Germans here, but I'm sure our boys could have done as well as the Canadians.

The first comic story in the issue features John Starr's "Firehair," Queen of the Sagebrush Frontier.  " 'Boston blue blood turned injun, huh?' said Jake Flagg of the J-F ranch.  'Raised wild in the Dakota teepees, was she?  well, gents, if she meddles with me she'll bite the dust like any ther redskin!' "  Firehair des meddle with Flagg, siding with his enemy, Cole, a nester.  Flagg won't hesitate to stop at murder, but Firehair won't hesitate until justice is served. 

Bob Hickok's "Glory Forbes" is doing a little salt water fishing and it appears that she has hooked a "man-shark" but that was one that got away, but no one else saw it.  Well, it wasn't a man-shark but it was a man who was going to have his body joined with a shark in one of the Professor's illegal schemes.  And once the man got a look at Glory, he decided that she was the woman that he wanted.  The thugs the Professor sent to kidnap Glory mistakenly nab her friend Betty instead.  It's up to Glory to track them down and put an end to this nonsense.

"Kazanda" by Peter Amos & Brody Mack is Queen of the Lost Empire and is gifted with mystic powers.  There's a lot to unpack here.  First, Kazana is telepathic.  Second she talks to crocodiles and birds.  Third, a boat carrying a scientific expedition has exploded and Aileen is fund by Sylf the evil despot, who plans to make her his queen even though his people feel she must be a sacrifice.  Fourth, Slyf has an etherome, which has rays that allow him to communicate telepathically.  Fifth,  Talmar of the Tusks and his headless horsemen are coming to invade Sylf's lands.  Sixth, Kazanda promises to give Sylf one of the scientists for sacrifice in exchange for Aileen.  Seventh, to be continued next month.  Dang!

This next ne has me a bit cnfused.  "The Werewlf Hunter" has a beautiful rich wman abut t be sent t the guillotine for murder when dull, boring Yvonne says she would trade places with her now just for a taste of the exciting lifestyle the woman had lived.  She gets her wish through a strange little man (whom I assume is the Werewolf).  Yvnne is a dim bulb.  This one is by Armand Broussard and the artwork is meh.

"U.S. Rangers" is signed by Capt. R. W. Colt.  Captain Morgan and his Rangers are hiding out in a deserted temple in occupied China, having been led there by Foi, a local dancing girl.  Foi's evil twin sister Mala has ratted them out to the Japanese, who surprise the Yanks.  The Rangers are captured and Mala believes she has killed her sister.  But Foi is alive and sneaks Morgan into the enemy camp disguised as a coolie -- a shirtless coolie with no head covering, mind you.  Foi kills her traitorous sister and the Yanks prevail.  This was the cover story and had nothing to do with what the cover depicted.

It should be noted that all of the females in this issue, with the exception of Yvonne, are...well, let's say, generously proportioned in the mammary department.  And Glory Forbes wear lace-trimmed white panties.


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