Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, August 19, 2022


 Here's a title I had never heard of.  Top Adventure Comics evidently lasted for only two issues.  It was produced by I. W. Comics which also published Plastic Man, Kanga Jungle King, Jungle Adventures, Doll Man, as well as a host of funny animal comic books.

Explorer Joe and his "salty sidekick, Gadabout Johnson" are featured in two stories.  In the first, a search for Viking treasure have Joe and Gadabout pitted against the possible ghost of Eric the Red, as well as an oriental superpower.  Then, as Joe searches for his missing father in Tibet, only to be attacked by bandits and having to take one of their wounded to a remote monastery run by a psychopathic ex-Nazi posing as an British doctor.

Also in this issue, Captain Fleet, whose merchant ship is "The Star of the Sea," contracts to take on a "valuable" cargo, not realizing that it is a large shipment of jungle animals to be freighted from Calcutta to San Francisco -- inc;uding elephants, tigers, and the dreaded king cobra.  An accident releses the cobra on board and Captain Fleet must try to capture it bare-handed.

Add in a few fillers and you have have a pretty decent issue.  I'm sorry the magazine did not last longer.  I would have liked to read many more adventures of both Explorer Joe and Captain Fleet.


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  1. So I. W. and PLASTIC MAN's Quality were the same Quality? It's quite a labyrinth of comics publishers back when...