Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, May 27, 2022


  In 1955 Charlton Comics decided it was time to take their readers back to Baker Street and bring out issue #1 of Sherlock Holmes,  Well, the time wasn't right, and they didn't go back to Baker Street, and the comic book ended after a very short run, although true Holmes fans might have been disappointed.

The 36-page comic featured three Holmes stories, all perhaps scripted by Joe Gill and all with artwork by Bill Molno -- "The Final Curtain." "Love Thy Neighbor," and "The Star of the East."  The stories find Holmes in America, where he first must solve the cyanide death of one of the world's greatest violinists, then he must solve the case of a missing British diplomat who had a violent argument with his neighbor, and, finally, when Holmes lectures at an American university he comes against a case of a stolen jewel that might have vast international consequences.

In all three mysteries there is nary a trace of Dr. Watson.  A shame, I say.

To round out the issue, there's an adventure of Dr. Neff, the Original Ghost-Breaker.  Neff teams up with Inspector O'Malley in "Smashing the Spook Racket."  I have no idea who wrote this but the artwork is by Frank Frollo.  Professor Lorenzo has been using the phony spook racket to collect cash and gems from wealthy suckers.  Can Neff stop this evil racket and figure out how it was done?


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