Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


 Agatha Christie's 1937 Hercule Poirot novel Dumb Witness my be better known to American readers as Poirot Loses a Client, as indeed he did.

Poirot's morning post includes a distressing communication from an elderly woman saying that she needs his help, giving no indication of her problem.  Poirot's curiosity is aroused when he realizes that the letter had been written two months before, so he and Captain Hastings go off to investigate.  

The woman had been poisoned and survived.  Then, she fell down the stairs, tripping on a rubber ball supposedly left by her terrier.  Suspecting that one of her relatives may be trying to kill her, she sought help from Poirot.  She wrote the letter on April 17, but by the time Poirot received the letter, the woman was dead.

As Poirot and Hastings try to solve the murder, they are strangely aided by Bob, the wire-haired terrier.

The novel was adapted for radio as a two-part mystery by Michael Bakewell and stars John Moffatt as Hercule Poirot and Simon Williams as Captain Hastings.  Other cast members are Sam Dale, Joanna David, Becky Hindley, Rosalind Knight, Damian Lynch, Ifan Meredith, Elizabeth Proud, and Tracy Wiles.  Richard Beadsmore played Bob the dog.  The program was produced and directed by Enid Williams.  It aired on Thursday and Friday afternoons, December 7 and 8, 2006 on BBC Radio 4 FM.

Dare you match wits with the great Belgian sleuth?

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