Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 3, 2022


 Time has a sneaky way of passing by and Erin, our youngest granddaughter, turned 20 today.  I am truly torn about this.  I miss the young, energetic, giggling, curious little girl of yore, but I really love the mature, kind woman she has become.  I also take solace in the fact that she is still young, energetic, and curious -- and she can still giggle up a storm.

Erin is


          Whip Smart




                                  Ever Curious

                                        A Lover of Animals (especially Good Boy Duncan)


                                                      One With a Smile That Could Light Up a City Block

                                                             One Who Definitely Does Not Like Onions


Perhaps the most important thing about Erin is that she has a kind heart, the one quality above all that we tried to impart on our children; they, in turn, are doing it with our grandchildren.

Erin is now rounding her junior year in college, having clepped her freshman year while still in high school.  She wants to become a veterinarian.  She's make a good one.

She can also be a bit of spoiler.  She should have been born on 02-02-02, if only because that would have been cute and easy to remember.  She decided -- on purpose, I think -- to hold out until 02-03-02.  We have forgiven her for this.

I look at Erin and wonder where the little girl who adored The Wonder Pets children's show.  Then I realize that she's an adult now, still filled with wonder and awe.  Still sweet and kind.  Still determined and imaginative.  Still the same little girl I loved.  Still the wonderful person I still love.

Happy birthday, Sweetie.

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  1. So heartening to see a grandfather who knows his granddaughter well enough to post this.