Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, February 4, 2022


Raymond King Cummings (1887-1957) began his pulp career with science fiction stories in All-Story Weekly  in 1919, marking the start of a long career in science fiction and mystery pulps which included over 600 identified stories (out of a presumed 750 stories) under at least eight names.  A former personal assistant to Thomas Edison and a technical writer, King was an early favorite in the new genre of scientifiction, writing such "classic" early SF stories as The Girl in the Golden Atom, The Princess of the Golden Atom, The Man Who Mastered Time, Brigands of the Moon, and Tama of the Light Country.  In July 1925 -- almost a year before Hugo Gernsback founded the "first" science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories -- Gernsback began publishing Cummings' Tarrano the Conqueror as a 14-part serial in his magazine Science and Invention.  The story was published in book form in 1930 by McClure. and has been reprinted many ties since then.

In 1951 Avon published an unacknowledged comic book version under the title Attack on Planet Mars.  It is not known who wrote this adaptation but Cummings did begin to write for comics books beginning in the 1940s, though  much of his work was for Timely Comics (the predecessor to Marvel) and not for Avon.  (Cummings' daughter Betty also wrote for Timely.)

"Tarrano the Conqueror!  Man of Destiny!  Imperious, Cruel, Murderous!  He throws all civilized worlds into terror and chaos, as he rises to become...'Warlord of the Planets!' "

Enjoy this bit of old-timey space opera.

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