Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 18, 2021


 Here's a blast from the past that may take a bit of effort on your part because of the overabundance of type in the panels, but try not to let that deter you.

The newspaper comic strip ran from 1915-1916 in Randolph Hearst's Evening Sun and was created by Myer Marcus under the name "Billy Liverpool."  If the artwork looks familiar it's because Marcus was a ghost artist on Bud Fisher's Mutt and Jeff strip for more than fifteen years ( source says that Marcus drew Mutt and Jeff up to 1934; another source says that Marcus died in 1923 at age 36.  Marcus probably actually worked on Mutt and Jeff 1914 and part of 1915 and possib;y part of 1916).

No matter.  Enjoy the 102 daily strips of Asthma Simpson and the inhabitants of the village of Cheezburg.

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