Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, August 20, 2021


 "Mascara Negra" is Spanish for "Black Mask."

I have forgotten every bit of Spanish I learned in school, so I am going to be of no help to you with this one.

She is a masked mystery crimefighter, appearing in the Spanish pulp El Encapuchado and in a weekly comic strip in Coyote.  She appears in a tight-fitting (Is there any other kind in Comicbookland?) with white gloves and a long flowing cape.  And there is a reporter named Bob.

That's about all can tell you except there are guns and cars and derring-do.

This is a compilation from the first several issues of Coyote that Mascara Negra appeared in.  The artwork -- which ismpretty neat -- is evidently by Adriano Blasco.

This Mascara Negra should not be confused with the title character in a 1982 Spanish television show, Mascara Negro:  that "Black Mask" is Don Carlos, a Spanish Zorro.  Nor should it be confused with Mascara Negro, a short gay porn film from Brazil, circa 2010,


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