Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Veteran character actor Guy Kibbee takes the lead in this film as the title character, a detective who comes out of retirement to find find a missing emerald insured for $100,000.  Finding the emerald was easy, but then there was the problem of getting it back to its rightful owner, as well as a murder in which an inncent man was fraamed.

Also featured in this film are Tom Brown (The Adventures of Smilin' Jack, In Old Chicago, Freckles), Lucie Kaye (a contract player for six months for Republic; this was her only role while there), Catjherine Doucet (Age of Indescretion, There's One Born Every Minute, The Dude Goes West), and Edward Gargan (The Saint Strikes Back, While New York Sleeps, and as Detective Bates in the Falcon mysrery franchise.

The film was loosely based on Octavus Roy Cohen's collection Jim Hanvey, Detective (1923; #70 on the Queen's Quorum of the 125 most important crime/detective books).It was adapted by Eric Taylor and Courtland Fitzsimmons, with a screenply by OliveCooper and Joseph Krumgold.  Phil Rosen directed.

It's always fun to see Guy Kibbee work.  Enjoy this overlooked gem.

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