Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, July 16, 2021


He was just six weeks old when Christina and Walt fostered him; he had spent his first six weeks at Washington Children's Hospital in de-tox.  It took a couple of of years junping through legal hoops before he could be officially adopted, but he had already charmed his way into our family long before then. Because of the circumstances of his birth, raising Jack has always been a challenge.  Christina, Walt, brother Mark, and sister Erin have met these challenges admirably.  Kitty and I, as well as Jessie and her two girls, have also joined in to give Jack the support, love, and care he needed.  There will be more challenges in the future, but this sweet and loving child has made all the effort worthwhile.

Jack is an active kid who loves soccer, basketball, and Legends of Tomorrow.  He loves to run and jump and tumble over because, well, he's nine.  He has discriminating tsste --  he was able to appreciate all the subtle nuamces of that passed by his mother in Godzilla vs. King Kong.  Jack can be whip-smart when he wants to be -- he has all the dubious intellect of a nine-year-old innocent while occasionally giving us glimpses of the wisdom of a graybeard.  He can be far better at math than he lets on.  He can be truly funny but is also wise enough not to laugh at my jokes.

Growing up in a house that currently has three dogs, two cats, a turtle, a ball python, a South American tegu, and a bearded dragon has given Jack a love and appreciation for animals.  He has never met an animal he didn't like.  He is learning the beauty and worth of nature and often goes on nature walks with Daddy.

Jack is a likable kid.  He makes friends easily and can be a leader as well as a follower.  He is an extremely good-looking and dapper kid.  Jack has is own style and dresses accordingly.  He is one cool dude, a fashion setter.

A few months ago he told us he has a girlfriend, Olivia from his third grade class.  They even kissed and now they were engaged.  That romance lasted just a few weeks, but may be a precursor to his teenage years.  (**gulp!**)

The essence of Jack is his dual nature, both sweet and adventurous.  He seems to have no fear -- something that we discovered when he began swimming.  Gotta teach him to think more of consequences when he attempts a stunt.  

But he is also sweet and kind.  The most important lesson Kitty has tried to instill in our girls and all five grandchildren is to have a kind heart.  Jack has that in spades.  And he's still young enought to give the very best hugs.

The absolute wonder of Jack has made our lives so much richer.  I've often said that We love each of our grandkids more than the others.  Jack is no exception.   May being nine continue to help him grow and overcome challenges, and may his appreciation of this wonderful world continue to grow and expand because a good part of this world's wonder is having Jack in it.

We love him and can't imagine life without him.


  1. Does he know you have written about him today? I am betting my grandson has no idea I have a blog and mention him from time to time.Happy Birthday, Jack. You picked the right family.

  2. Jack is lucky to have you in his Life!

  3. Seeing Jack's smiling face and reading about his adventures bring a smile to my face every time!