Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, March 27, 2021


 "There's never lived a man could shoot faster or straighter than Billy West."  Billy is also a mean man with his fists.  He's a polite, unassuming man whom one does not want to rile. The young, blond, handsome Billy returns to Lone Creek, Wyoming, and the Blue Sage Ranch after three years of school back east.  The Blue Sage Ranch is owned by pretty Molly Sage, who inherited the ranch after her father was killed.  Also on the ranch are Molly's young brother and sister, Snubby and Julie, Molly's young brother and sister, and Uncle Dan'l. and old cowpoke and Billy's best friend.  After a rocky start, Billy and Molly get long just fine.

Billy West ran for eight issues from Standard Comics from April 1949 to November 1950; the comic book's title was then changed to Bill West for at least three issues.  Bill West appeared to be a more mature and (at least in issue #9) Molly and her siblings were dropped.  

In this first issue of Billy West,, we learn of Billy's homecoming and how he saved the Blue Sage from rustler and all-around bad guy Bull Jason.  Also, Uncle Dan'l relates to Snubby and Julie how he and Billy first met.  We also get a chance to join Billy West's new club and get a cowboy ring, a secret code, a membership card, and a full color photo of Billy and his horse Eagle -- al for just 15 cents to cover the cost of mailing!  You can't go wrong with that, pardner!  

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