Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, December 18, 2020


 This was a comic book crime anthology series from British publisher Alan Class' Approved Comics line.  It lasted ten issues with no dates given.  Although from a British publisher the stories have an American feel to them.  Could they be reprints?

Whatever the origin, the premiere issue is packed with stories, viz:

"Fall Guy," featuring Richard Manning, Public Defender in Action.  "Jake Levchek was the victim...and he was the man accused! Who pushed the buttons that brought this man into court?"  It was Manning's job to defend Levchek, but he was determined to get the man who fingered him.

"The Eager Rookie"  "Joe Ford, probationary patrolman, was one of the zealous ones!  He was a cop. he was proud of it, and he didn't care who knew it!"

"Late Tour"  Johnnie Burke, a rookie fresh out of the academy and on his first night tour, catches old friend Frankie Harwood breaking into a store.  Harwood gives Johnnie a sob story, but when thinks Johnnie is reaching for his gun, he attacks him.

"Two Thieves -- One Crime!"  "When Byron Cramm accused George Lewis of stealing $22,000, the fun started!  Because Lewis admitted he took it, and his brother, Ward insisted he had the money!  It was up to Richard Manning, Public Defender in Action, to get to the truth.

"Signal 32"  Signal 32 means a general emergency.  Steve a young officer, scarred with doubt from his wartime experiences, wonders if he has the guts needed to do the job.

"Every word that Willie Bohm uttered got him deeper in trouble."  Public Defender in Action Richard Manning had no choice:  he had to throw his client to the mercy of the court in "No Defense!" 

Jim Barry, a college graduate, partners with an experienced detective, but this "Sheepskin Sleuth" must prove his worth on their first case together.

In "They Called Him Ruthless," "not everyone thought Big Joe Carrigan was a tough cop.  For every punk in prison who who says Carrigan would arrest his own brother, there's one outside who claims the first-grade detective is the nicest guy in the world!"

Why is Crime Smasher working on a case of missing rabbits when Killer King is at large?  We find out in the "The Trapping of Public Enemy No. 1!"

"Everyone has been wondering why the Iron Curtain countries have suddenly relaxed restrictions against democratic visitors"  Jim Bennett found out when he saw the foreign government's hired killers waiting for him in "Deadly Coincidence."

Assigned to the Bleeker Street Beat, Johnny Bronsky was warned to watch his step against "The Big Wheel of Bleeker Street."

An empty safe and a wounded watchman and "A Worthless Clue" -- a badly battered Army issue .45.


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