Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, December 27, 2020


 I have mentioned before that we have six nieces, each more lovely and wonderful than the others.  Today, Julia, my brother's youngest girl, is getting married.  A marriage ceremony during a pandemic is not an easy thing to organize.  Julia and Tom will getting married in a very small wedding and we will be watching (and cheering and crying) over the internet.  The marriage will take place in front of the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, Massachusetts.  Following the ceremony, they will scoot into the restaurant for a mini-reception  Pandemic restrictions will allow only a party of ten in the restaurant.

I'm not concerned about the weather there today because Julia's smile can warm up the world.  We've seen pictures of her dress and, as Kitty said, "All brides are beautiful but Julia is ethereal!"

We love Julia and wish her and Tom all the happiness in the world (as well as some of the Bull Run's amazing cooking).

Here's a few links for their wedding day:

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And a song Noel wrote for Peter's wedding day:

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And a few over-the-top weddings that cannot hold a candle to Julia and Tom's:

Have a wonderful life together, Julia and Tom!


  1. Congratulations to them and to you of her family!

    You should break your no photos policy!

  2. Have you tried this?