Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 We're back after three days of no cable and no internet.  Hurricane Sally was not to blame, nope, nope, nope.  Instead it was a stupid stupid stupid dump truck that ripped down the cable wire to our apartment building.  I called our stupid stupid stupid cable company, explained the problem and was told a technician could come out and look at our cable box this coming Friday morning.  Stupid stupid stupid cable companies hire people that do not listen.  My next door neighbor went down in person to complain and was told that a technician could come out this morning (Wednesday) to look at his cable box.  Grrr.  Somebody somewhere finally listened and early this morning the cable wire was back in its place and everything was working again.  Perhaps God reached down and fixed it; I doubt the stupid stupid stupid cable company had enough sense to.

Before you say, "Woah, Jerry!  There had been a major hurricane pummeling the area last week, don'tja know?"  Well, I do know and I understand that it is a mighty job to bring service to perhaps hundreds of thousands who have lost it.  But to hire people who smarmingly tell you that a tech will come out and look at your cable box sometime in the future when they have been told the problem is with a downed wire is stupid stupid stupid.  Mediacom, you should be ashamed.

And WastePro...why do you hire people to drive your stupid stupid stupid dump trucks just so they can rip down wires and then scurry off, hoping no one will have noticed?

Anyway,  we're back and I'm happy.  No longer will I sit wistfully at a blank computer screen, no longer will Kitty have to charge her phone three times in one day because that it the only place where she can get Facebook, and no longer will the two of us have to face a blank television screen rather than out beloved British mysteries.

We're back, baby!


  1. Glad you are back up and running. Years ago at our apartment complex, the stupid stupid stupid landscaping company using some sort of post hole driller digging tool in the course of putting in new sprinkler heads and ripped up all of the underground lines heading to our building. It took three weeks for Verizon to restore phone and internet which was scary as Sandi was doing chemo and we were totally out of touch except for a neighbor who had a cell and gave her number to the medical folks. The irrigation folks then came back out and planted the sprinkler head in the middle of the wiring. As one could predict, the first time it erupted from the ground, it ripped the wiring back out. Another month with no service. Plano Fire Rescue had to come out one night t help with Sandi, found out what happened, threatened to massively fine all involved, including the complex, and it was all fixed in 24 hours.

  2. One thing I would never say: "Woah, Jerry!"