Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 We are fine.  Unscathed, even.  Well a piece of debris hit an outside faucet, breaking the handle and, in doing so, turned on the water.  I'm not sure how long it had been running before I found it and turned it off; I'll probably find out when the water bill comes in.  We lost neither our electrical power or our internet.

Christina had four window shutters torn off and an uncounted number of roof shingles.  she may need a completely new roof.  Water leaked down from the ceiling into Erin's bedroom.  Water also came in through some of the front windows.  Her back yard was flooded.  Trees came down in her neighborhood but her property was saved from that.  She lost her power for a while and the freezer in  her garage blew something -- some food may have been lost.  She has no internet at the house but can access it on her phone.

In Pensacola, Jessie's neighborhood was completely blocked off  by fallen trees and two large trees from neighboring properties fell into her back yard.  She lost power yesterday and has not gotten it back yet, so a lot of food will be ruined.  For some reason her cell phone is not working, although Amy's is.  Her neighborhood had some fallen trees and some mailboxes took to the air, but there was no major damage to life, limb, or property.

Areas of Pensacola -- including the downtown are -- were flooded.  It will be a while before there are full damage estimates.  The Pensacola Bay Bridge (a.k.a. The Three-Mile Bridge) from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze is closed.  A section of it is now missing.  This is a new bridge; the first half opened this spring and is temporarily used for traffic going both ways while the other half of the project is under construction.  I have heard that up to eight barges broke loose and slammed into the bridge.  At least one crane toppled onto the bridge and drone footage shows some small chunks missing from the side of the bridge.  This bridge was the only direct access we had to Pensacola.