Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Frontier Town was a 30-minute radio western series that lasted for 47 episodes in syndication.  Supposedly conceived as a vehicle for Wild Bill Elliott, the show premiered with Jeff Chandler (billed as 'Tex" Chandler) as attorney Chad Remington in the small western town of Dos Rios.  About halfway through the show's run, the role was taken over by Reed Hadley, who stars in this episode from July 1953.

"Frontier Town , the saga of the roaring West.  Frontier is the adventure story of the early West, the tamed and the untamed, from Cheyenne to Calgary, from Dodge City to Poker Flats.  These are the towns they fought to live in and lived to fight in, teeming crucibles of pioneer freedom.  Frontier Town!"

Saddle up, partner.

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