Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Stunt Man Stetson is working on a new film, Gold and Greed, based on a true story that happened to script writer Ann Joyce.  Filming is a near as possible to where a lost gold mine is supposed to be and the bad guys hope the proximity will jog Ann's father's mind about the location of the mine.  Of course they plan to register the mine for themselves.  Stetson does a few dangerous movie stunts, one of which has been sabotaged by the bad guys.  All ends well.  Stetson's girlfriend Minx Medway and his precocious nephew Nipper are along for the ride.

Spectacled teen Rims and his pal Emerson have a date with the beautiful Dobson twins.  The twins are classy gals and Rims and emerson have no cash to impress them on their date, so Rims turns his house into a teen club while his parents are for the night.  The cash they bring in should be enough to show the Dobson girls a good time.  But Rims' business acumen is not too good -- he ends up out thirteen bucks and a cake and ham his mother had made for a woman's club luncheon the next day.  Cashless, Rims calls one of the twins to tell he is sick and cannot go out with her that weekend.  Turns out the girls' parents had given them ;permission to hold a party and Emerson should come even though Rims is "sick."  Life is never easy for a 50s teen.

Bandleader Swing Sisson buyus an old trumpet at an auction and lets band member Toby use it.  the trumpet is really the legendary Horn of Roland which can repel armies with a single blast and the bad guys want it; they've already managed to get Roland's sword that could cut through the hardest metal like butter.  When the bad guys attack Swing and Toby outside the Clover Club, they soon realize that a horn can trump a sword.

A new up-and-coming magistrate is assigned to court and comic policeman Shananigan is warned to be on his best behavior.  Meanwhile, Shenanigan's Uncle Egbert has been told by a shrink how to control a unnamed "fatal impulse" by giving free rein to all his other whims and urges.  Giving into his whims meant yanking on an old man's beard and using a rug-beater to whack a hefty matron's fanny.   You've guessed it -- the bearded old man is the new magistrate and the hefty matron is his wife.  So when Uncle Egbert goes to court, there's the judge with a beard that is just crying to be yanked...

Add to this three one-page humor strips and you have a so-so issue from Arnold Publications which relied on teen love and funny animal comics, along with several action titles.  Under their Quality imprint, Arnold created The Clock (the first masked hero in comics), and published Blackhawk and Doll Man.  I do have give this issue of Feature Comics props, though, for having unusual heroes in the form of a movie stunt man and a swing band leader.

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