Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, April 30, 2020


Let's close out April with a horror story far more entertaining than the horror we have been living with for the past few months:  "Spirits of the Lake," from The Witch's Tale, radio's first regular horror program.

The Witch's Tale ran for seven years, from May 21, 1931 to June 13, 1938 on WOR, the Mutual Radio Netwok, and in syndication.  It was created, written, and directed by Alonzo Dean Cole.  Each episode was introduced by "Old Nancy" the witch, played by Adelaide Fitz-Allen.  When she died in 1935 at age 79 she was replaced by 13-year-old Miriam Wolfe; occasionally Old Nancy was played by Martha Wentworth.  Also featured in the introductions was the witch's cat, Satan (vpiced by Cole himself).

The show was basically a family affair.  Male leads were done by Cole and female characters were done by his wife, Marie O'Flynn.  Supporting roles went to Mark Smith and Alan Devitt.

"Spirits of the Lake" aired on January 2, 1933.  There's a certain island in the middle of a certain lake in Michigan.  Indians once owned the land there and worship the spirits of its waters and its skies...

"The fascination of the eerie!  Weird, blood-chilling tales, told by Old Nancy, the witch of Salem, and Satan, her wise black cat.  They are waiting -- waiting for you -- NOW!

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