Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 13, 2020


Nick Carter, Master Detective first hit the Mutual Radio airwaves on April 11, 1943, with Lon Clark on the title role.  Based on the long-running dime novel and detective magazine hero, Carter has changed quite a bit over the years in print and other media, from detective to the super-spy of the original paperback Killmaster series.  The show had a difficult time finding anchor on the Mutual network -- it occupied eleven different time slot in  three years, finally settling comforting  to a Sunday evening spot from 1946 to its end in 1952.

Clark maintained the title role for the entire life of the series, some 700 episodes.  In the early years of the program, Helen Choate played Carter's secretary, Charlotte Manson.  Sidekick "demon reporter" Scrubby Wilson was by John Kane.

"Murder in the Crypt" (or "Nick Carter and the Jackal God") first aired on August 2, 1943, from a script written by Walter B. Gibson.  A dead body in found in front of a statue of Anubis, the Jackal God.  Nick takes the measure of the case (pun intended).

Enjoy this walk into the Golden Age of Radio.

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