Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 3, 2020


She's eighteen now and she's one of only three granddaughters I love more than the others.

It seems just yesterday that she was born.  It was a difficult birth and we were not sure how it (or she) would turn out.  We needn't worry; she was beautiful then and has become even more beautiful every day.

Erin was a determined little cuss.  She expected a lot out of herself and always rose to the challenge, whether it was in school, on the soccer field, or playing the flute.  When Erin does something, she does it well.  This even extended to the hula hoop, which she took to like a duck to water when she was six or so; from the start she would amaze everyone with her natural skill -- something that probably embarrasses her today but I'm her grandfather so I can get away with it.

She would always be a small girl girl.  Small enough that she needed growth hormones to achieve a reasonable height.  This involved self injections six times a week for, what was it?, seven years.  All done efficiently and with no complaining.

She has always been a great reader, a well above average speller, and a talented writer.  (I think i posted one of her stories on this blog some ten years back.)

Did I say she was smart?  Now in her senior year, she needed only one class to fulfill graduation requirements.  Her high school has a program where she can take college classes (not college-level classes, mind you, but real college classes), so that's what she has done.  This past week we learned that she has been accepted to Florida State University (her first choice); she will be entering with one year of classes already under her belt.

Erin is kind and compassionate and loves animals, especially her special dog Duncan.  As I hinted above, Erin was an early reader and loved to read about dogs.  The problem with reading so early is that one may not know how to pronounce certain words; we nearly choked when she pronounce "bichon frise" as "bitchin' fries.'  (Again, I'm her grandfather, so I can tell these stories.)

She hopes to become a veterinarian.  She'll be a good one.

I have already said she is beautiful.  I'm not exaggerating.  Her beauty is both inside and out.  She's neat, sweet, and petite.  We love her so much and are so proud of her.

And she's going to register to vote this week.  I hope she helps vote the bastards out.