Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 25, 2019


The Korean War needed a Korean War hero and America got it -- briefly -- in Captain Jet, AMERICA'S WAR ACE!  Captain Jet lasted for only six issues from Ajax-Farrell comics before transforming into Fantastic Fears #7, a horror anthology comic book.  The art for Captain Jet was provided for by the Iger Studio, known for re-purposing earlier comic book art as they did here from World War II comic book art.

Captain Jet appears in three adventures in this issue.  First, he stops the enemy from using poison gas; then, while transporting General Barton and his "doll-faced aide" Linda Parker, Jet's plane is brought down by the enemy who capture all three (SPOILER ALERT!  but not for long); finally, Jet is signalled by an intelligence agent disguised as a saronged native girl.

Besides a number of features and a four-page story about top American war correspondent Ace Reynolds, this issue is chocked-filled with grotesque drawings of Korean villains because that's how american comic books rolled during the Korean War.

Not the greatest comic book of its time but some of the plot points and artwork are pretty good.

Check it out.

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