Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


H. F. Heard's classic 1941 Sherlockian mystery novel A Taste for Honey served as the launchpad for this 1955 episode of The Elgin Hour, a short-lived ABC anthology series.

The Elgin Hour only ran for 19 episodes, from October 5, 1954 to June 14, 1955, alternating its Tuesday night slot with U. S. Steel Hour.  "Sting of Death" was the program's eleventh episode, airing on February 22, 1955.  Boris Karloff played Mr. Mycroft, a man who has retired to wjhat should have been the quiet English countryside.  Also featured in this episode are Hermione Gingold, Martyn Green, and Robert Fleming.  Alvin Sapinsley adapted Herd's novel, one of three teleplays he wrote for the series..  Daniel Petrie directed this one, as well as seven other episodes in the series.

(A Taste for Honey was also adapted for the 1966 movie The Deadly Bees, co-scripted by Robert Bloch.  This film got the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment in 1998)

The plot:  Beekeepers in the local area are going out of business.  The one exception is the sinister Mr. Hargrove.  Hargrove's neighbor, Mr. Mycroft, warns visiting honey enthuisiast Mr. Silchester that Hargrove's bees are deadly -- they have been bred to wipe out the neighboring colonies.  Hargrove's wife, as well as Mycroft's dog, have become victims to the killer bees.  When Hargrove uses his bees to try to murder Silchester, the honey enthusiast teams up with Mycroft for a special type of "sting."


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