Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, April 18, 2019


She defies the stereotype about blondes.  She's whip-smart.

She's also cute, sweet, witty. kind and empathetic.  She loves animals and she loves the water.  It goes without saying that she has a thing for whales.  She owns a couple of pythons and a couple of cats and dearly loves the two old, blind, deaf, senile pugs who make the household such a joy.  She's striking out on her own this fall and heading back to Massachusetts.  The Commonwealth's gain is our loss.  We will miss her.

When you spend some time with Amy, you end up thinking she's all-knowing. She just gives off that vibe.   Don't get me wrong; she's not pushy or arrogant or egotistical.  She has a quiet self-assuredness.  You know that she is taking in everything in her quiet way and that sooner or later -- almost out of nowhere -- she'll come out with the wittiest, on-target remark that leaves you gobsmacked.

On Sundays, when our entire family takes time out to enjoy a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, she's with us and her quiet presence seems to merge with the incoming waves to amplify our appreciation of the beauty surrounding us.  It's an experience that is hard to explain but it's just one of the reason that our little Amy-Daisy Blondie-Bear is so very special to us.

For her birthday this weekend we're going to an Escape Room.  Because I am an old poop I have no real idea what that is but I am sure that Amy will rock it -- just as she rocks us.

Happy birthday, Amy.  We love you.

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