Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Frank Sinatra played Rocco "Rocky" Fortune in this short-lived NBC radio series from October 6, 1953 to March 30, 1954.  Rocky was a hep cat constantly seeking various odd jobs through the Gridley Employment Agency.  During the show's 25-episode run Rocky had a number of jobs, including cab driver, bodyguard, carny, test pilot (!), and process server, as well as various musical gigs.  The character was described each week by announcer Edward King as "footloose and fancy free" or "footloose and frequently unemployed."  Rocky had a laid-back that reflected sinatra's own public persona.

Rocky's various jobs inevitably found him facing danger, tracking criminals, or rescuing beautiful ladies.  Each adventure would somehow end with Rocky again unemployed.

Rocky Fortune was created by George Lefferts, who also scripted many of the episodes.  Among Lefferts' many awards are six Emmys and a Golden Globe.

Rocky Fortune began airing shortly after the film From Here To Eternity was released and ended the week less than a week after Sinatra won an Academy Award for his role in that movie.  Many of the 25 episodes of Rocky Fortune including the "from here to eternity" -- I wonder why?

"Boarding House Double Cross" was the last episode of the series.  Rocky may not have found permanent employment but its star never had to worry about it again.


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