Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 7, 2018


From UK Comic Wiki:  "The Kinema Comic was a weekly anthology published by Amalgamated Press from 1920 to 1932, edited by Fred Cordwell.  It incorporated Cheerio in 1920.  Like its stablemate Film Fun it was comprised of strips about film personalities."

The first issue was dated April 24, 1920.  I don't now the end date of the publication, but it appears  651 issues were published.  Individual copies rarely come on the market.  Marginally less rare are bound volumes containing a year's worth (or half a year's worth) of issues.

The film personalities featured in this ten-page excerpt are Larry Semon (with his "Playful Pranks"), Louise Fazenda ("the laughable larks of a lovable little lady"), Slim Summerville ("the thin chap who causes fat chuckles"), Ford Sterling ("Jolly old Ford!  Merry old Ford!  To miss the Ford you can't af-ford!"), Baby Marie Osmond (not the "Donnie &" girl, but "The Komical Kiddie of the Kinema.  Some Kid -- and no kid!"), Snub Pollard ("the only 'Snub' that everybody enjoys"), Polly Moran ("The Winsome Wonder of the Wild and Woolly West"), and Chester Conklin ("One of the funniest filberts on the films").

How many of those names do you recognize?