Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 14, 2018


"He visits the Earth as a Special Correspondant and Makes Wireless Observations in His Notebook."

Move over, Buck Rogers!  Here is the true first science fiction comic strip -- A. D. Condo's Mr. Skygack from Mars, which first appeared in in October 1907 in the Chicago Day Book newspaper.  The strip (single panels, really) was syndicated in Scripps newspapers; there was no set schedule for the strip and an individual panel could appear at any time over the period of a week (or so) in a Scripp newspaper.  The strip ran irregularly:  it would skip days and, once, it skipped an entire month.  In all, about 400 panels were published by the time Mr. Skygack, from Mars ended in July 1913...

...But that was not the end of Mr. Skygack!  He made guest appearances in another A. D. Condo strip, the ethnic-based Osgar und Adolph, in 1914 and perhaps later.  (Condo is best known for his classic The Outbursts of Everett True, 1905-1927.)

Mr. Skygack's notes on human behavior wildly misinterprets common scenes, yet somehow manages to provide an insight into how we act.

As a big plus, his observations are funny.


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