Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, January 4, 2018


A long time ago (about three weeks after the wheel had been invented) I went to college.  Several thing saved my sanity then:  a lot of beer, late night horror movies, and...Chickenman.

Chickenman a short (about two-and-a half minute) radio program created by Dick Orkin for Chicago radio station WCFL in 1966.  It soon went syndicated and wormed its fowl way into the hearts of many fans like myself.

Who is Chickenman?  He's Benton Harbor, the world's newest costumed hero, who became chickenman because that was the only costume left at the costume store.  The question remains:  is he more underappreciated than inept, or is he more inept than underappreciated?  In any event, Chickenman is the bane of Midland city's Police Commissioner Benjamin Norton and his beleaguered secretary, Miss Helfinger. This bumbling, albeit feathered hero, patrols Midland City in his yellow crime-fighting car, the Chicken Coupe.  He accesses the Chicken Cave through a trapdoor in his bedroom closet.

IMHO, the Chickenman series is pure genius.  My wife disagrees and can't stand the show, "It's dumb!"

I believe episode of Chickenman are still being rebroadcast somewhere.  I hope so.

Orkin passed away the day before Christmas, aged 84.  In tribute to him, I am posting the complete recording of a 1966 album, The Best of Chickenman.

Enjoy the adventures of a mild-mannered department store shoe salesman cum costumed hero.

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