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Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 27, 2018


From Wikipedia:

"Buck Ryan was a UK adventure newspaper comic strip created by Jack Monk and writer Don Freeman.

"Monk and Freeman were doing an adaptation of Edgar Wallace's Terror Keep for the Daily Mirror.  When it was dropped shortly due to a rights problem, Monk and Freeman decided to fashion their own strip, and Buck Ryan was born.  It ran in the Daily Mirror from 22 March 1937 to July 1962.

"Buck Ryan started again in the Daily Mirror in 2015."*

Buck Ryan was a tough-guy private investigator who fought crime, particularly "the lady crime boss Twilight along with various kidnappers and German spies."

The comic strip was noted for Artist Jack Monk's great attention to detail.

The compilation below ran from April 2, 1945 to June 26, 1945 and consists of the 24th story arc in the comic strip.  In this sequence, elite members of the Bund Deutscher Madel, "fanatical Nazi girls  --- trained from childhood to worship Hitler," are being used in murderous way behind the front line.  Scotland Yard puts Buck on the case, putting Buck and his assistant/girlfriend Zola in uniform, to be aided by a well-mustached (and unnamed) British colonel.


* The current Buck Ryan is just colorized reprints of the original strip.