Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 17, 2017


  • Kevin J. Anderson, Unnatural Acts.  Humorous fantasy, the second book in the Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. series.  "In the Unnatural Quarter, golems slave away in sweatshops, necromancers sell black-market trinkets to tourists, and the dead rise up -- to work the night shift.  But zombie detective Dam shamble is no ordinary working stiff.  when a local senator and his goons picket a ghostly production of Shakespeare in the Dark -- condemning the troupe's 'unnatural' lifestyles -- Dan smells something rotten.  And if something smells rotten to a zombie, you're in serious trouble..."  I've heard some good things about this series and I;m saving this book for some time when I'm really in the mood for a laugh.
  • Joe R. Lansdale, Hap and Leonard.  Redneck noir collection of  seven stories and two essays about everybody's favorite East Texas tough guys.  Included are the novellas Hyenas, separately published with the short story "The Boy Who Became Invisible" (also included here) by Subterranean Press in 2011, and Dead Aim, also separately published by Subterranean press in 2013.  Two stories and one essay are from the chapbook Veil's Visit:  A taste fo Hap and Leonard by Lansdale and Andrew Vachss (1999), omitting only Vachss' introduction and a further essay by Lansdale.  Of the remaining two stories, one is original to this volume and one is from the George R R. Martin and Gardner Dozois anthology Rogues; the remaing essay is also original to this book.  This book is a tie-in to the Sundance television series Hap and Leonard.  An e-book version, dropping the novellas and two stories while adding two stories and a comic book script of one of the stories dropped, is available as Hap and Leonard Ride Again.  Lansdale is one of the best writers we have in any genre, hands down -- a true American original. 

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