Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


(I've been going through some back issues of The Comedy Bulletin, an Irish monthy newsletter from Dermot Crossley that published hundreds of jokes -- most of them unfunny or dated or cliched.  Here are the first ten from the June 1988 edition.)

- My uncle will do anything to improve his golf score.  He even considered a 'sex change' just so he could use the ladies tees.

- We all worship in our own way.  Mine is saying, 'Oh, God' every time a girl with a great body walks down the beach.

- I did ten deep knee bends today. I hate it when the chemist puts the condoms on the bottom shelf.

- Maybe I did have a little to [sic] much to drink last night -- but I didn't hear any complaints from that lamp post I asked to dance.

- I really shouldn't drink -- it makes my dog jealous when I'm down on all fours and he sees people pet me.

- My hangover is so bad it feels like haemorrhoids from the neck up.

- I don't want to say how much wine (      ) drank last night -- but he did qualify as a Catholic mass.

- Every summer its [sic] the same thing.  My neighbour starts to complain.  Just because my toilet overflows into his swimming pool.

- Times have changed.  My kids are scared to death of the neighbourhood bully, and I keeping telling them, 'You have just got to stand up to her.'

-  Eat, drink and be merry -- for tomorrow you'll have your head in the toilet.

(Sometimes I don't miss the good old days.)

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  1. Terrible stuff. Could the '80s really have been that bad?