Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Gay Stanhope Falcon, freelance adventurer and troubleshooter, was created by Michael Arlen in his 1940 short story "Gay Falcon."  The character was picked up by the movies and starred in a long series of films beginning in 1941 and featuring first George Sanders, then his brother Tom Conway, in the title role.  In 1943, Arlen's Falcon came to radioa ten-year radio run...sort of.  This time the Falcon is named Michael Waring, an insurance investigator based on the character created by Drexel Drake.  (The producers of the radio show were quick to point that this Falcon was based on Drake's character, but they weren't above hinting that he was also the character from the RKO film series.  These producers would have have a great career in today's politics.)  this Falcon spawned three low-budget films and a short-lived television series in which the Falcon was now a "famous undercover agent."

From December 17, 1950, here's "The Case of the Baby Brother".


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