Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, December 5, 2016


  • John Barnes, Finity.  Alternate worlds SF novel.  "Lyle Peripart's world is coming apart.  Up to just a few days ago he was an obscure professor, quietly unenthuisiastic about the Riechs that have dominated the world since the Axis victory over a century ago --but not looking for a fight with anyone.  The Lyle was recruited for private industry by the mysterious industrialist Geoffrey Iphwin -- and that's when everything stopped making sense."  I love the industrialist's name:  "If...When."
  • Sister Wendy Beckett, Sister Wendy's Odyssey:  A Journey of Artistic Discovery.  Art book, a companion to the television series Sister Wendy's Odyssey.  Reflections on various paintings.  Marvelous art accompanied by well-thought out commentary.  A treasure.
  • Gordon R. Dickson, creator, Harriers, Book One:  Of War and Honor.  Shared world SF anthology with three novellas by Dickson & Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Steve Perry, and S. N. LeWitt.   In the future, the Magnicate is "a league of all the human worlds in the galaxy.  At the center of the Magnicate is the Hub, a huge artificial world from which control of Human Space flows.  The Hub government is in the main an instrument for progress and social good, but even so control sometimes requires force -- enter The Harriers."  Packaged in 1991 by Bill Fawcett and Associates, this series lasted for only two volumes.
  • John Eric Holmes, Mahars of Pellucidar.  SF novel in the Pellucidar series created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and authorized by the Burroughs estate.  Pellucidar, you will remember, is a world located at the Earth's core.  Burroughs published six books in the series in his lifetime and a seventh, posthumous book was published in 1963.  Mahars are the master race of Pellucidar and resemble Jurriasic pterosaurs.  Holmes wrote a follow-up novel, Red Ax of Pellucidar, but publication was reportedly blocked by the Burroughs estate and the book did not see print (?) until 1993, supposedly in a limited small press edition but ISFDb makes no mention of it.
  • John Wagner, Predator Versus Judge Dredd.  Graphic novel mash-up with Wagner's Judge Dredd takes on the savage alien hunter in Mega-City One.  (In other mash-ups from Dark Horse, Predator takes on Magnus Robot Fighter, Tarzan. and Warrant Officer Ellen  Ripley's Aliens.)  Art by Alcantena.

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