Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, October 31, 2016


  • Lee Child, Worth Dying For.  A Jack Reacher novel in which the main character is and alway will be taller than Tom Cruise.  "There's deadly trouble in the corn country of Nebraska...and Jack Reacher walks right into it.  First he falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire county into submission.  But it's the unsolved, decades-old case of a missing child that Reacher can't let go."
  • Peter Lovesey, Stagestruck.  A Peter Diamond mystery.  "Pop diva Clarion Calhoun has packed the house with a celebrity appearance in Bath's Theatre Royal production of I Am a Camera.  But within moments of her much anticipated onstage appearance, she's pulled out of character as she screams and claws at her face.  When her tainted makeup is found to have caused the disfiguring burns, fingers point to her makeup artist.  Detective Peter Diamond investigates when the makeup artist is found dead, pushed from a catwalk far above the stage.  As diamond digs deeper, he uncovers bitter rivalries among the cast and crew and is forced to confront his own mysterious theater phobia to find the killer."  I've enjoyed every book by Lovesey that I've read and his Peter Diamond series is superlative.  I'm looking forward to this one.

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