Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 22, 2016


This assortment is from Jumbo Comics #9 to #14 (August-September 1939 to April 1940).  "Weird Stories of the Supernatural" began life as "Diary of Dr. Hayward" in Jumbo Comics #1, changing its name and character focus with issue #9, pushing Dr. Haywood back into a supporting role while laboratory assistant Stuart Taylor became the main focus of the series.  The series was illustrated by "Curt Davis," a house name for Fiction House's comic book line.  Jack Kirby drew the first four "Diary of Dr. Haywood" adventures ( three of the stories in the first issue of Jumbo Comics represented Kirby's second foray into comic books), after which Lou Fine continued through issue #14.   Various artists, none of them big names, penciled the series afterward through to issue #140 (October 1950). ( Jumbo Comics itself faded from sight a few years later, a victim of Dr. Frederick Wertham's mania.)

Despite its title, "Weird Stories of the Supernatural" was a time-travel series.  Although many of the adventures had a mystical component, In an early episode. Stuart Taylor, his girlfriend Laura (originally named "Lora" in the first issue), and Dr. Hayward 20,000 to a world where cavemen and dinosaurs both exist and are taken captive by a race of tiger-headed men ruled by the beautiful, heartless queen of a fantastic city.  In other adventures we travel with them to a quasi-medieval desert kingdom to save a princess, to a 14th Century castle to battle a sorcerer, to a future threatened by giant intelligent insects, and also meet an evil green-skinned dwarf who has created half human-half robot giants.  

In these adventures everything but the kitchen sink is thrown in.  And, no matter where in time Stuart and his companions go, everyone -- including the giant insects -- conveniently speak English.  It's all great imaginative fun.

Please note that the first story in this compilation is not reproduced in color.  Sorry about that.



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