Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 7, 2016


My father thought The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show was "damned foolishness," but I -- and millions of others loved it.  Where else on television could you get such a brave squirrel or such a noble moose -- not to mention all the other madcap characters who made the half hour so enjoyable?

The cheesy jokes and inspired lunacy did not end at the television set.  Comic books (all titled Bullwinkle and Rocky) were relased by various companies -- Dell, Gold Key, Charleton, Star).  Movies, toys, records, video games, product tie-ins, and even an opera followed, as did this one-shot comic from Dell.

Familiar nursery rhymes are given the special Frostbite Falls treatment which involves twisting not only the words  but the story behind them.  Covered in all their glorious wackiness are "Sing a Song of Sixpence" (...the King ran from the dining room...he thought the meal was screwy!  The queen was in the kitchen!  She was ordering chop suey!); "The, Boris and the, Natasha" (who went to sea in a Pottsylvanian boat); "Old Mother Hubbard" (with a few editorial comments from Mr. Peabody);"The House That Jack Built" (a modern all-glass house which took plenty of jack to build); "Little Miss Muffet" (as Boris and Natasha try to figure out what a tuffet is); "There Was a Crooked Man" (with Snidly Whiplash in an obvious case of type casting); and a "Mother Moose Medley (Rock-a-Bye, Rocky...Humpty Dumpty...Twinkle Twinkle (with rhinestones because diamonds are too expensive)...Here We Go Round the Mulberry Poison Ivy-Bush; and Sherman Be Nimble, Sherman Be Quick.  As a bonus, Dudley Do-Right enacts "Little Bo Peep" and Bullwinkle presents "Old Mother Moose."

How can you go wrong?

The entire issue was written by Al Kilgore, who probably also did all the artwork.



  1. Looks terrific! I've never seen this book before. I'll see if I can track down a copy on the Internet. Love Al Kilgore's work!

  2. I'm sorry I never saw this comic because I loved the TV series--the humor of which was definitely NOT for younger kids!